[linux-dvb] TURBOSIGHT mini usb dvb-t receiver (try mail 3 times)

Fengjie Lin pmfsakula at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 09:10:12 CEST 2006

i'm an chinese undergraduater.my paper is about  the Linux-Based
Driver   of  a portable DVB Receiver.

Device: TURBOSIGHT mini usb dvb-t receiver
IC1: Af9005 (DVB-t COFDM Demodulater/Demux/USB-control)
IC2: Mt2060 (sillicon tuner)

Q1.how can i extract/design the firmware ?
I 'm not sure i need a firmware .
thank for
Uli: Perhaps you can install the window version and try to search for
other driver files. (give me hope…)
Patrick: LinuxTV does not support the afatech demod/usb-combination.
(make me faint…)

Q2.how can i code the driver?
i only have 2 incomplete datasheets of the 2 IC , and not good at programming .
just follow the usb-skeleton.c/linux-dvb-api.pdf/ …is OK?

Q3.what tools recommended?
BusHound.exe/USBTrace/usbmon/USBInfo:    useful in watch dataflow
under Windows(and what under Linux ?);
Source Insight 3.5:   easy to read the Linux-kernel2.6.16;
VMwareWorkstation5.5.1:   good assistant;
Vim+gcc:   is it enough to program?
and what tool can develop the firmware ?

Wait for all advices ^_^
Thank.U sincerely.

Fengjie Lin

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