[linux-dvb] JustDvb-It 1.1 released; more then a carousel server free and open source..

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Wed Apr 26 16:46:18 CEST 2006

we are proud to present the 1.1 version of JustDvb-It

you can find it here:


to log in the reserved area, you need to register a valid email address,
at the bottom of this page (still in italian only, sorry!)


here the relevant news:

Change log 1.1:
Bug fix for IdWay mhp middleware

Change log 1.0:
DtRecord: removed, if u need it u can use the official from Dektec
EIT: bug fix
tstdt: added new, generates gmt time from server clock and restamp TDT
docs: manual.txt added
tools/tsloop: support multiple input, removed buffering, good for
transport scheduling
config: shows an example of cbr muxing and multicarousel from
MainConcept's input

let us know if it's useful and maybe write some documentation about your
 experience and share it.. it could be useful to other users too!


andrea venturi

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