[linux-dvb] Changes to make ttusb C-1200 (0xb48, 0x1004 / TD1316A/stv0297) work

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Thu Apr 27 00:05:18 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 17:40, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
> Hello
> Technotrend Connect USB C1200
> http://www.dvbshop.net/product_info.php/info/p23_Technotrend-Connect-USB-C1
> I attached the files I had to change to make ttusb C-1200 (0xb48, 0x1004
> ) with frontend TD1316A/stv0297 work.
> ttusb-budget/dvb-ttusb-budget.c
> ttusb-budget/dvb-ttusb-dspbootcode.h
> frontends/stv0297.c
> frontends/stv0297.c:
> I had to change the stv0297_readreg function, but I don't know if this
> change breaks the PCI driver.
> ttusb-budget/dvb-ttusb-dspbootcode.h:
>   From the usbsnoop on windoz, the dsp bootcode is a bit different. I
> used the original dsp bootcode and it works for me. I extracted the dsp
> boot code from the windoz snoop and this one is working too. So, I don't
> know the differences between this two different versions. (I had to
> change ttusb_boot_dsp a bit to load the new boot code)
> ttusb-budget/dvb-ttusb-budget.c:
> - added u8 tuner_pll_address to the ttusb struct
> - changed ttusb_boot_dsp a bit
> - included (with modifications) dvbc_philips_tdm1316l_pll_set,
> dvbc_philips_tdm1316l_inittab, dvbc_philips_tdm1316l_config from the PCI
> driver
> Can anybody review my changes and include it to the official tree if it
> is OK?
> I hope it can help anybody to get his ttusb C-1200 device working in Linux.

Hi, the changes look good to me. I don't think I can include the new bootcode 
since I have no idea what effect it would have on older devices. Since you 
say the older code works as well for you, I'd be tempted to just leave that 
as it is. Unless someone else knows the difference?

I'll need your signed-off-by line to include it into the tree though.


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