[linux-dvb] Changes to make ttusb C-1200 (0xb48, 0x1004 / TD1316A/stv0297) work

Thomas Kaiser linux-dvb at kaiser-linux.li
Thu Apr 27 06:19:02 CEST 2006

Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 April 2006 17:40, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
>>Technotrend Connect USB C1200
>>I attached the files I had to change to make ttusb C-1200 (0xb48, 0x1004
>>) with frontend TD1316A/stv0297 work.
>>I had to change the stv0297_readreg function, but I don't know if this
>>change breaks the PCI driver.
>>  From the usbsnoop on windoz, the dsp bootcode is a bit different. I
>>used the original dsp bootcode and it works for me. I extracted the dsp
>>boot code from the windoz snoop and this one is working too. So, I don't
>>know the differences between this two different versions. (I had to
>>change ttusb_boot_dsp a bit to load the new boot code)
>>- added u8 tuner_pll_address to the ttusb struct
>>- changed ttusb_boot_dsp a bit
>>- included (with modifications) dvbc_philips_tdm1316l_pll_set,
>>dvbc_philips_tdm1316l_inittab, dvbc_philips_tdm1316l_config from the PCI
>>Can anybody review my changes and include it to the official tree if it
>>is OK?
>>I hope it can help anybody to get his ttusb C-1200 device working in Linux.
> Hi, the changes look good to me. I don't think I can include the new bootcode 
> since I have no idea what effect it would have on older devices. Since you 
> say the older code works as well for you, I'd be tempted to just leave that 
> as it is. Unless someone else knows the difference?
> I'll need your signed-off-by line to include it into the tree though.
> Thanks!
Hello Andrew

I just included the new boot code for completeness. It's ok for me to 
use the "old" boot code.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Kaiser <linux-dvb AT kaiser-linux.li>

Regards, Thomas


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