[linux-dvb] Problem with hardware or driver? BT878 irq lockup on 2.6.15

Tim Southerwood ts at dionic.net
Sat Apr 29 23:21:26 CEST 2006

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Sigmund Augdal Helberg wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-04-29 at 21:13 +0100, Tim Southerwood wrote:


> Am I right in thing the PPERR is a PCI parity error and is indicative of
> a dodgey card, mobo or incompatability between the two?
>> You are right in thinking it is a parity error. My guess would be that
>> the cause is a bad connection somewhere. Did you try unpluging the card,
>> sticking it in another slot or something like that? Perhaps clean the
>> connectors?

I will try that once more. It has been moved around a few times in this
PC in order to find a slot that didn't land it on the same hardware
interrupt line that either the NICs or the ATA chips used. I'm starting
to wonder if the card is duff. OTOH I've noticed that both the Abit
KT7-RAID and KG7-RAID mobos can be stroppy buggers to get "settled"
(much BIOS tweaking), then they run OK forever, until you change

I should borrow a Nova-T PCI card from work and see how well that works
in my system.

> I've tried various BIOS settings including taking the PCI (and FSB) down
> to 100MHz. PC is normally (until I added the Nebula card) rock solid and
> stable - it is my general purpose server with 4 disks so it works quite
> hard.
> I can generate extra PPERR messages at will by loading the hard disks
> (eg dd /dev/hda to /dev/null). Which is why I'm thinking hardware.
> When the system works, it works very well - then bang!
> Also, please excuse me for being thick, but - the error apparantly
> relates to the BT878 capture. I'm using DVB only, not the analogue video
> capture device - Myth is not configured to open that device, so I;m a
> bit confused why the bt878 drive should be whining?
>> The bt878 chip is used as pci bridge for the dvb function of this card.
>> The dvb transport stream is presented to the bt878 as a digital audio
>> capture and it's up to the driver to understand that it is actually dvb
>> data.

Thanks - that makes it much clearer - I've never been very "up" on
multimedia devices.

>> Regards
>> Sigmund

Many thanks for taking the time to answer Sigmund :)


PS don't know what Thunderbird did to the quoting above, seems to have
inverted the PP and GPP.
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