[linux-dvb] Fix for DST

Zoilo Gomez zoilo at xs4all.nl
Fri Aug 4 11:04:02 CEST 2006

Raido wrote:

> The circular dependency has been fixed. Unfortunately I'm still unable 
> to tune with my Cab-CI. I'm getting the feeling that I have some 
> strange version of this card(sent a msg to the list about my woes a 
> while back). Might be some timeout issue, because it seems that I get 
> the tuning failed message way too quickly. Is there a place I could 
> increase the timeout?

Is this Twinhan Cab-CI you have?

You may want to check that you have version 2031(0), and not 2033 
(Mantis, different chip-set, not supported yet).

If you do have 2031: I had tuning problems with 2031 as  well, it 
appeared that my card was broken.

> Trent Piepho wrote:
>> There is currently a problem with the dst driver, it has a circular
>> dependency with dst and dst_ca that keeps it from working.  There are 
>> also
>> a few other problems, but not as serious.
>> Someone is working on a fix, but it's broken now and I've had a fix
>> for several days.  So if you want something now, try this.
>> The last two patches at http://linuxtv.org/hg/~tap/dst should fix
>> all the dst issues.  I do not have a dst to test it with, but I think
>> I got everything right.  Famous last words, I know.
>> Fixed are:
>> Circular dependency, modules can actually load now
>> The dst-ca device wasn't unregisted when the driver was
>> unloaded.
>> Module use count would go up by two when dst_ca device
>> is opened.
>> Failure of dvb_register_device will be handled correctly
>> The dvb_attach() system will work for the dst-ca.  If you
>> have a DST with no CA, you don't need to load the dst-ca driver.
>> If you don't use dvb_detach, everything will work too.
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