[linux-dvb] Card is working... Now, I just need some content!

Dave Schile daveschile at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 7 19:45:30 CEST 2006

After much fighting and help from the archives of this list, (thank you all) 
I've got my Twinhan 1025 DVB-S card working on Debian Linux kernel
By 'working' I mean I load all the drivers without error, /dev/dvb is 
populated, and even Kaffeine sees a DVB-S card ready for use.
Now, How the heck do I get a signal to watch?  I've spent hours deciphering 
information from lyngsat.com and pointing the dish with a compass and 
protractor only to get nothing.  Or, output from dvbtune saying

I'd like to use the scan prog from dvb-utils but the example files in 
/usr/share/doc/dvb-utls/examples/scan/dvb-s/ are all for satillites that I 
can't see from Southern California,  USA.

Please, can anyone direct me to information on aiming and tuning a to a 
dvb-s signal in North America?

Thanks much!

Dave Schile

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