[linux-dvb] can i help for the pinnacle pctv400e DVB-S USB ?!

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Wed Aug 9 09:14:58 CEST 2006

Hi Andrea,

About one year ago I started to work on it, but gave up because I haven't 
had any information about demodulator and tuner. This completely changed 
now, because, as you correctly stated, every single piece of the 
"Frontend" is now supported.

I have some information about the FX2 for this device, but it is 1 year 
old and has maybe changed. 

I extracted the firmware using the windows driver and usbsnoop. I called 
the file "dvb-usb-pctv-400e-01.fw", but didn't make it public.

I started to implement the firmware interface in the driver, by knowing 
that the interface is almost similar to the ttusb-interface. I think I 
still have the corresponding dvb-usb-code at home - I'll take a look.

However I also heard, that there are some problems with the device, 
hardware or software (Windows). Maybe in the meantime there is a new 
Windows-driver from Pinnacle, which is changing the whole 
firmware-interface (instead of isochronous maybe bulk is used, maybe 
also some requests).

To figure that out, one needs to do more usbsnooping.

Hope that helps,

  Mail: patrick.boettcher at desy.de
  WWW:  http://www.wi-bw.tfh-wildau.de/~pboettch/

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006, Andrea Venturi wrote:

> hi,
> recently i got a pinnacle pctv400e on my hands..
>   http://www.pinnaclesys.com/images/design/boxshots/box_wd_pctv400e.jpg
> i tried with yesterday (7.8.06) SVN drivers from linux-dvb, but it seems
> still not recognized.
> there's an ugly shot of the inside here:
>   http://www.cineca.tv/assets/img/pctv400e.jpg
> but i see on the wiki that's something is already going on:
> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/DVB_USB#Pinnacle_PCTV_400e_USB2.0_DVB-S
> there's already a BOM of the chips; i just can add that the usb
> controller is a cypress 7c68013 [*] i.e. a ez-usb fx2 clone, if i'm not
> wrong..
> i can already see all the modules (frontend, modulator, etc..) in
> the linux-dvb tree..
> it's just a matter to put all together with the right strings :-)
> so, maybe, there's only some wiring to be detected to get the linux
> driver working.. is it right?
> BTW the device at least work on the winXP; maybe i could dump some usb
> transactions, if it helps
> BTW2 i see there's a firmware to be uploaded to the box:
>   dvb-usb-pctv-400e-01.fw
> but i didn't find it anywhere.
> anyway, the box seems to stay hot (warm..) if i reboot from windows to
> linux, because the onboard led remains green (and not red as in a cold
> state); you can find, below, both the cold and warm (warm.txt) "lsusb
> -v" output, they look a bit different
> so, who knows what is missing and what can be done to put on the right
> linux track this device
> bye
> andrea venturi
> [*] cypress page and datasheet
> http://www.cypress.com/portal/server.pt?space=CommunityPage&control=SetCommunity&CommunityID=209&PageID=259&fid=14&rpn=CY7C68013

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