[linux-dvb] AverMedia AverTV Hybrid+FM PCI (saa7134)

Pierpaolo Paolucci pierpaolo.paolucci at idemnet.it
Wed Aug 9 18:49:49 CEST 2006


Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
> Looks like we need to make the MT352 a "tuner" and program the actual 
> one through it. 
Can't we adapt same code from SAA7134_BOARD_PHILIPS_EUROPA ?
Here the comment present in subroutine saa7134_board_init2 in 

The Philips EUROPA based hybrid boards have the tuner connected through 
the channel decoder.
We have to make it transparent to find it.

Perhaps AverMedia did similar arrangement with different gpio addresses 
or "tricks" ?
> If its me who has to do it, can we please come to this later? I have 
> to solve some other issues first.

I lack completely the "big pictures" and my knowledge of the sources is 
very near to zero, then if you can point out where put the hands, I can 
try to do something.
Otherwise, if there is to write from scratch many lines of code, I am 
not a C progammer and I am unable to do it.

For now I tried to add following lines (copied from Europa card) in 
saa7134_board_init2 without obtaining any different results:

        struct tuner_setup tun_setup;

        u8 data[] = { 0x07, 0x02};
        struct i2c_msg msg = {.addr=0x08, .flags=0, .buf=data, .len = 
        i2c_transfer(&dev->i2c_adap, &msg, 1);

        tun_setup.mode_mask = T_RADIO | T_ANALOG_TV | T_DIGITAL_TV;
        tun_setup.type = dev->tuner_type;
        //tun_setup.addr = dev->tuner_addr;
        tun_setup.addr = ADDR_UNSET;

        saa7134_i2c_call_clients (dev, TUNER_SET_TYPE_ADDR, &tun_setup);


Another thing, I received this email from Martin Ottmár that is'nt in 
linux-dvb Archives <http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/>.:
> Hello.
> I have this TV card, too and sometimes, I'm reading mail listings on v4l.
> I'd like to do two notices:
> 1. The red diode on the board lights under Windows only in DVB mode. In analog 
> mode it don't.
> 2. As You know, the analog mode works under linux partially (e.g. modprobe 
> saa7134 card=69 - after modprobing tda9887 will the red diode lights, so 
> there is some problem),  You can only see and hear previously tuned under 
> Windows. 
> But DVB works well with modprobe saa7134 card=85 (AverTV DVB-T 777). 
> I'm catching some DVB-T broadcast, so I forgot for analog soon, but it will be 
> fine, to have a full working TV card in linux. :-)
> I wish You good luck, keep on the good work! :-)
>    Martin Ottmar
I espected the module tda9887 were loaded by saa7134, but is'nt so.

Best regards,

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