[linux-dvb] AverMedia AverTV Hybrid+FM PCI (saa7134)

Pierpaolo Paolucci pierpaolo.paolucci at idemnet.it
Wed Aug 9 23:53:24 CEST 2006


Hartmut Hackmann wrote:

> THis board uses a different channel decoder. Unfortunately, we can't copy
> this mechanism directly.
> The module tda9887 no longer exists, it has been merged with tuner.
> But regarding the diodes: This is why i asked you to do the experiments
> with the tda9887 port setting. I hoped that this controls some 
> transmission
> gates. BTW: did you try to reload the modules ans i asked you?
Yes I did, but there is nothing different in the led behavior.
The led seem unrelated to the actions of board: dvb and analog tv works 
equally if the led lights or not.
All prg I used for watching analog tv turn off the led.
Only when I reload the modules the led lights again.


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