[linux-dvb] Please see if you can help: Twinhan VP 1025 DVB-S PCICard

Dave Schile daveschile at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 14 07:12:10 CEST 2006

Thanks for your reply,
Unfortunately I dont know much about the LNB.  I went and remove it from the 
dish but the identification sticker has worn away.  It came from a common 18 
inch DirecTV dish.  there are two LNB's in there, I think, because there are 
two coax outs.  I'm only using one at the moment because I dont have a 

Do you thnk this LNB w]ll cause my defines in dvbtune.c to need changing?
Dave Schile

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>>I would REALLY apprecate any help or insght you might have on this.  thank 
>>you very much for your consideration.
>What oscillator values does your LNB use?
>The last time I tried to use dvbtune in the US I had to change the hard 
>coded defines from 9.750 / 10.6 GHz to match my US specific LNB (usually 
>10.6 for both high and low, could be 10.750 or 11.250), then recompile etc.
>The LNB converts 10-12GHz signals down into l-band 1-2 GHz. The tuner on 
>the card technically tunes to l-band. That should match the number you're 
>Check your LNB and make sure the dvbtune defines match those values.

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