[linux-dvb] Please see if you can help: Twinhan VP 1025 DVB-SPCICard

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Mon Aug 14 23:05:32 CEST 2006

> // With a diseqc system you may need different values per LNB.  I hope
> // no-one ever asks for that :-)
> #define SLOF (11700*1000UL)
> #define LOF1 (11250*1000UL)
> #define LOF2 (11250*1000UL)
> is that right?
> Still, the unit seems not to tune at all.  I keep thinking I'm missing 
> something simple.  Also, the "Opperation not supported" messages have me 
> dumbfounded while trying to 'dvbtune -m'
> Let me ask you this:  Once you know the correct oscillator value (11.25) do 
> you adjust the freq. from lyngsat to get the number you give to dvbtune?  
> I've just been using the freq. number in the first column on the lyngsat 
> table.
No. I've always used the actual Ku band frequency in dvbtune, not the 
l-band frequency.

I don't have one of those cards so I can't really help. I know the above 
fixes always work for me for regular DVB H/V polarisations (when using a 
V/H polarised LNB).

Doesn't DirectTV use L/R polarisation - and hence L/R LNBs? You are 
using an LNB supporting V/H polarisations, right?


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