[linux-dvb] Remote control only works after playing a channnel

Thorsten Pferdekämper thorsten-mailbox at thorsten-pferdekaemper.de
Tue Aug 15 07:57:19 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I have a weird problem with my remote control. It only works if I either play 
a channel before (e.g. mplayer dvb://...) or if I remove all the cx88 modules 
and install cx88-dvb again.
I had a look at this using the parameter ir_debug=1 with cx88xx, so I am 
pretty sure that this is not a problem with lircd or something else.

Ok, this was the short version. Here is the full information. 
The DVB card is a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S-Plus
Kernel 2.6.16, compiled from source
Debian unstable
v4l-dvb package from 5.5.2006, with the nova-s-plus patch installed

After starting the box, the following modules (amongst others...) are 
I do not know if I need all these, but they are just loaded while booting. In 
fact, I don't know why... (Later more about that.)
The remote control does not work and there are no messages from cx88-input in 
After I watch TV (e.g. mplayer DVB://...), the remote control works and there 
are messages from cx88-input in syslog.
I first thought that there are some modules loaded by using mplayer, but I 
diff'ed the result of lsmod before and after the mplayer command. There was 
no difference.

I then played around with installing/deinstalling modules. I have found the 
When I deinstall all the cx88 modules, the IR does not work any more. I 
believe that this is ok... :-)
After inserting cx88-dvb again, also the modules cx8802, cx88-vp3054-i2c and 
cx88xx are installed. The IR works again. 
Installing cx8800 does not make any difference. 
After installing cx88-alsa, the remote does not work any more and lircd goes 
mad writing lot of stuff into syslog. Simply deinstalling cx88-alsa does not 
help, I need to remove and insert cx88-dvb again.

I then thought that this is not that a big problem. I tried to just leave 
cx88-alsa out using modconf. However, when I restart the box, cx88-alsa is 
back in...

Can someone help here? I don't believe that cx88-alsa should interfere with 
the remote control, but maybe there is a reason... I could also live with a 
solution not to load cx88-alsa, but I don't know how not to load it.


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