[linux-dvb] TDA10046H very slow to tune

Barry Scott barry.scott at onelan.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 16:08:11 CEST 2006

Adam Charrett wrote:
> If your worried about the wake up delay  for the frontend you could 
> try using the piece of software I've written to get round this very 
> problem.
> Its not quite as simple as typing xine dvb://<Channel Name> but its 
> not far off.
> Have a look at http://dvbstreamer.sourceforge.net, if you use 
> dvbstreamer to send the channel to udp port 1234 you can then simply 
> type xine udp://localhost:1234 , and then select the channel you want 
> to watch in dvbstreamer (you don't even need to close xine to change 
> channels).
> It keeps the tuner open all the time and constantly monitors the 
> PSI/SI for the current multiplex so it always up to date, and only 
> retunes when the selected service is not on the current multiplex.
I use xine lib and there is no user to click on things. Its all automated.
Using you dvbstreamer would make the automation more complex
then I'd like to have to implement. I'd rather patch the driver if that
the root cause of the problem.


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