[linux-dvb] Twinhan Cab/CI 2031: always need to tune twice

Raido raidoz at hot.ee
Thu Aug 17 11:44:46 CEST 2006

Really hard to say, I'm unable to test the practicality of the drivers for 
another week because I just won't be near that PC, all I can do is zap and 
dvbstream and then download the video. First shot I took with zap today 
didn't go very well, but after a reboot(removing and loading the modules 
caused an oops...?) I got video(though the first 20 seconds were skipped by 
totem) from two different channels from two different frequencies. So I 
suppose first try unless zap retries automatically if the first tune failed.
Normally I use Mythtv and it only has a graphcal configuration(or editing 
sql manually) and forwarding it over my internet connection doesn't seem to 
work, it's a pain even in a LAN. But from a time in January, when all my 
channels were free, I do remember retuning problems. At some point only one 
frequency had free channels and I haven't been changing frequencies until 
now(now that the CAM works). But when myth still had reasons for changing 
frequencies, it pretty much always crashed and had to be manually restarted 
 - it then tuned to the new frequency - usually following a recording 
schedule. So I fear that this problem might still be present... 

Haven't used vlc on my linux machines, I'm basically sticking to mythtv 
frontends for TV - the backend with the DVB card(must get more cards now) is 
just a box hidden in a dark corner. 

If you can think of a scenario for testing from my side before next week, 
let me know and I'll do what I can. 


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