[linux-dvb] Thank you,and a another question re: Twinhan 1025 tuning

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Thu Aug 17 19:42:49 CEST 2006

> I see the ber and unc readings from szap are way out there.  And signal and 
> snr are too low.  Is this just signal strength or is there someting else I 
> can try?  Any other insights?
Sync Lock looks good, maybe they've just switched to an encrypted 
stream. If it's jumping in and out of lock then you have trouble but if 
the lock is stable (typically 0x1f status) then it should be delivering 
transport to the kernel demuxer ready for your apps to use.

Have you grabbed the entire transport stream to disk for analysis?

 From experience, the ber, unc and snr values aren't always consistent 
across products. I wouldn't put all of your faith in those. I tend to 
rely on status (ox1f) as the best indicator of true lock.

Now that you have the hardware close to working, use dvbtune -i to see 
if you can dump the pat/pmt packets.


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