[linux-dvb] Thank you, and a another question re: Twinhan 1025tuning

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Thu Aug 17 21:36:32 CEST 2006

Dave Schile

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>>AFAIK, DirecTV uses DSS and not DVB. DSS is not supported.
>>DSS doesn't use the MPEG-2 standard whereas DVB uses the MPEG-2 standard
>You're right, but what Dave really meant to say was Dish Network TV, which 
>does use regular DVB on Echostar 7.

I'm not so good with mailing lists.  I had a whole response prepared, but I 
think I sent it only to Seve and not to the list.

Anyway, the upshot is that after tuning with dvbtune and using the -i option 
I get an xml.  The strange thing is that the NASA chanel does not appear in 
the xml file at all.  I'm not sure what each of the hex elements are in the 
file, but my first guess is that the serviceid tag is the streams pid?  I 
will have to research that.

So possibly I'm trying to view a pid thats not in the mux?

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