[linux-dvb] SAA7146 (KNC ONE DVB-C): ber values reliable?

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Sun Aug 20 00:55:24 CEST 2006


I am using KNC ONE DVB-C (budget_av) with kernel 2.6.16.

Whatever I do (different cables, changing amplification, switching 
channels), czap always reports a ber of 195000.

Recently I got a second card and it's the same there. Only on one 
occasion, I suddenly had a ber of 50 on the new card. After reboot, it 
was back to 195000.

Now I installed recent (1-2 weeks old) development version of the 
drivers and now one card has again always a ber of 195000 and the other 
one has always 194ef2.

My question is: Is the ber reliable from this card?



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