[linux-dvb] Scan Data for DVB-S in North America

Garnet MacPhee garnet at signalpeak.net
Mon Aug 21 22:03:48 CEST 2006

I have compiled by hand, from LyngSat, scan data for most FTA satellites visible in North America, and I would like it to be 
made available to anyone that wants it. I have not included any subscription channels, or NTSC. Many of these channels are on 
the air only rarely (feeds). Some are encrypted, as there are some transponders (especially on IA5) that have both encrypted 
and clear channels. For FEC I used AUTO, because I'm lazy and on my system it works just as well as specifying it. With my 
system I get about 190 TV and 80 radio channels.

I am attaching the data as a .tar.gz file (hope this is the correct procedure).

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