[linux-dvb] Scan Data for DVB-S in North America

Dave Schile daveschile at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 21 22:44:39 CEST 2006

Sorry, but it came across for me as a bin file.  That's also how it shows up 
in the mailing list archive  See it at:


>Dave Schile schrieb:
>>>I have compiled by hand, from LyngSat, scan data for most FTA satellites 
>>>visible in North America, and I would like it to be made available to 
>>>anyone that wants it. I have not included any subscription channels, or 
>>>NTSC. Many of these channels are on the air only rarely (feeds). Some are 
>>>encrypted, as there are some transponders (especially on IA5) that have 
>>>both encrypted and clear channels. For FEC I used AUTO, because I'm lazy 
>>>and on my system it works just as well as specifying it. With my system I 
>>>get about 190 TV and 80 radio channels.
>>>I am attaching the data as a .tar.gz file (hope this is the correct 
>>why is it a .bin file.  what are you trying to pull?
>Well, it's a normal gzipped tar-archive. No .bin file to be seen on my 
>Cheers, Tobias
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