[linux-dvb] Twinhan Cab/CI 2031: always need to tune twice

Raido raidoz at hot.ee
Fri Aug 25 00:02:05 CEST 2006


So I did some testing of that driver I installed last week. I still 
don't have a clear opinion about the tuning twice issue, but it mostly 
seems to work well with mythtv and zap/dvbstream, though I have managed 
to produce some nonexistent/empty or unreadable recordings with both. 
But the main problem I encountered is with the newfound CAM ability. 
Basically it works, but the recordings have almost periodic(probably 
not) errors in them that eventually crash players, or sometimes make 
them skip. This occurs with mythtv more seriously, but zap/stream also 
suffers from this. FTA recordings are fine. I'm a bit stunned, I don't 
think this is a signal/quality issue. Could it be the CAM's fault? How 
to diagnose this, what to log?

Almost there,

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