[linux-dvb] VP7045 tuner doesn't work

Chris Wylie linux-dvb at chriswylie.com
Sat Aug 26 14:55:11 CEST 2006

I have just purchased a DigitalNow TwinDVB-T device, i.e. 2 x VP7045
DVB-T USB tuners. Although they both function correctly under Windows, I
have found under Linux (2.6.15) (and under OS X) that one works and one
does not.

Both tuners are recognized correctly (and have the same vid=13d3 &
pid=3206) but one fails to produce any results with scan and tzap.
Basically, the behaviour is as if no RF cable is plugged in and so the
tuner has no signal.

I was led to this mailing list to resolve the system freezes arising
from multiple vp7045 tuners -- a problem that was solved in Feb but
which evidently has not made it into the Ubuntu repositories. Hence I
have since built v4l-dvb and dvb-apps from the latest sources and am now
working with those.

To cut a long story short, there is no obvious difference between the
two tuners until I popped the lid off the 'tin cans'. There I found the
working tuner with an MT352 chip and the non-working tuner with...a
TDA10046. I can see from the source code that this is not what is
expected, so I can understand the failure. I can also see that the
TDA10046 is well-known around here, but don't really know what needs to
be done to get the tuner working.

Can anyone help?



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