[linux-dvb] New VP7045 with TDA10046 instead of MT352 (was: VP7045 tuner doesn't work)

Chris Wylie linux-dvb at chriswylie.com
Mon Aug 28 14:19:12 CEST 2006

Has no one else heard of one of these tuners using the TDA10046? This
must be something very new.

I have been studying the source code and it looks like vp7045-fe.c
contains similar code to mt352.c. The code in tda1004x.c could perhaps
be employed, don't yet see how to go about dynamically detecting which
of the two demod chips is present.

Also, I am unsure what the implications are as far as firmware files goes.

Any idea what the best course of action is? I'm happy to provide
whatever info is needed about this tuner (and in comparison with the
traditional variation), but it's been 10 years or more since I've
written any C code so I'm a bit scared to even try. :)



Chris Wylie wrote:
> I have just purchased a DigitalNow TwinDVB-T device, i.e. 2 x VP7045
> DVB-T USB tuners. Although they both function correctly under Windows, I
> have found under Linux (2.6.15) (and under OS X) that one works and one
> does not.
> Both tuners are recognized correctly (and have the same vid=13d3 &
> pid=3206) but one fails to produce any results with scan and tzap.
> Basically, the behaviour is as if no RF cable is plugged in and so the
> tuner has no signal.
> I was led to this mailing list to resolve the system freezes arising
> from multiple vp7045 tuners -- a problem that was solved in Feb but
> which evidently has not made it into the Ubuntu repositories. Hence I
> have since built v4l-dvb and dvb-apps from the latest sources and am now
> working with those.
> To cut a long story short, there is no obvious difference between the
> two tuners until I popped the lid off the 'tin cans'. There I found the
> working tuner with an MT352 chip and the non-working tuner with...a
> TDA10046. I can see from the source code that this is not what is
> expected, so I can understand the failure. I can also see that the
> TDA10046 is well-known around here, but don't really know what needs to
> be done to get the tuner working.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks,
> Chris

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