[linux-dvb] STB6100, STB0899 programming information?

thomas schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Tue Aug 29 08:49:46 CEST 2006

used Your freemail adress in the support form?
no good idea, linear-tech e.g. say they dont accept gmx, etc.

maxim/dallas reacted to samples and data request about their silicon tuner to me not, too.
even *sales*@twinhan doesnt care about freemailings, too, i asked about 
their new dvb-s2 ci card.

You're working on the new TT dvb-s2 card, arent You? Asked Technotrend?
But nowadays chip manufacturer supplied windows WHQL drivers/-kits are used, 
so they maybe dont know about, too. 

we better write biz professional air mail or fax with company 
headers and with maintainers (as CEOs) signatures, does linuxtv.org has one?

Robert Schlabbach wrote:
> No luck yet - ST is completely unresponsive :( All I could figure out so
> far is that the STB6100 seems to have 12 registers, while the STB0899 has
> over 256 - but I just can't figure out how register addressing works on the
> STB0899. It seems to be neither an 8-bit subaddress nor a 16-bit
> subaddress. Stupid secrecy-ladden design... :(

how did You find out? linux/windows i2c sniffer/probing tools? which?
what for should a demodulator need 256 registers? cant be, modern 
fully automatic devices come with lesser configuration effort, normally

disassembling the windows driver or studying it with remote kernel 
debugging would be a hard long way... :(

and the databook will surely not drop into p2p nets... 


> Regards,
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> Robert Schlabbach
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> Subject: [linux-dvb] STB6100, STB0899 programming information?
>>can anyone here give me a pointer how/where to obtain programming
>>information for ST's STB6100 silicon tuner and the STB0899 DVB-S2
>>demodulator? I tried registering at ST.com but any attempt to sed
>>a request to the product team only results in an error message... :(
>>Best Regards,
>>Robert Schlabbach
>>e-mail: robert_s at gmx.net
>>Berlin, Germany

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