how to use dvb_attach (was: Re: [linux-dvb] Re: Error unloading WinTV NOVA T USB2)

Trent Piepho xyzzy at
Tue Aug 29 08:53:40 CEST 2006

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Mario Rossi wrote:

> Is there any news on the attach/detach issue?
> Mario
> On 8/22/06, Patrick Boettcher <patrick.boettcher at> wrote:
> > Hi Mario,
> >
> > The wrong use_count for the dib3000mc is most likely because I'm not using
> > the dvb_attach-function for attaching the demod/frontend, because the
> > prototype of the dib3000mc_attach is not exactly the same as for other
> > demod-drivers.
> >
> > Why? Because with the dib3000mc_attach (and with the future coming
> > dib7000m_attach and dib7000p_attach) we can attach more than one demod at
> > the same time - will be used on devices arriving late fall/autumn).
> >
> > Can someone please advise me how to proceed?

You should not use dvb_frontend_detach() unless you are using dvb_attach(),
which you are not using.

I think it would make a lot more sense if you had dib3000mc_attach() just
attach one frontend, like all the other front-end attach functions.  If
something has multiple front-ends, just call the attach function multiple

Why is dibusb_dib3000mb_frontend_attach() in dibusb-mb.c, and
dibusb_dib3000mc_frontend_attach in dibusb-common.c?

BTW, the error path in dib3000mc_attach() is broken.

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