[linux-dvb] STB6100, STB0899 programming information?

Robert Schlabbach robert_s at gmx.net
Wed Aug 30 01:25:06 CEST 2006

From: "Manu Abraham" <abraham.manu at gmail.com>
> Shortage of chips ? More than that, the Twinhan DVB-S2 card,
> VP-1040 uses the Mantis PCI bridge, which is a new chipset as well.

Not new to me ;)

> You can look at the STB0899 driver over here.
> http://thadathil.net:8000/cgi-bin/hgwebdir.cgi/mp-stb0899

Thank you very much! Now I have something work with :)))

> ST has been quite kind to provide help to put this driver together.
> They did provide information that which was missing from the datasheets
> as well, as they wanted to go for a very good driver.

How well is your driver working in its current state? I have quite some
issues with the TT DVB-S2 card using the Windows driver and software, such
as sometimes it being completely unable to tune to most transponders - and
I don't even know if this is only a driver bug or in fact a defective piece
of hardware I got here... :(

> It requires some additional loops like checking for the Pilot symbols
> (BC mode) etc Carrier Synchronization, Checking for Unique Words etc.
> Hence it looks a bit complex.

Glah... :(

Best Regards,
Robert Schlabbach
e-mail: robert_s at gmx.net
Berlin, Germany

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