[linux-dvb] Re: What has happend to Manus repositories?

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 14:43:01 CEST 2006


Steven Toth wrote:
>>> I've been working on a 3 week old tree you gave me from thadathil.net.
>>> Thanks for this. I've added support for a new S2 demod and tuner (for
>>> the WinTV-HVR4000). I'd like to get the entire tree up on linuxtv.org,
>>> at least people can comment.
>>> I sense a level of frustration in your comments. Let me ask, in your
>>> view what's the current position with multiprotocol? Is the ML close to
>>> agreeing the general frontend ops/core changes? The thread has gone
>>> cold.
>> In my view, i think it has met all the conditions that has been put
>> forward. But i think it will need a bit of time to mature out, in terms
>> of testing etc. I wouldn't want to have it pulled before that. My tests
>> went on the dst and the STV0299
> Manu,
> So you have no objections if I publish my patches and your multiprotocol
> tree on linuxtv.org for review/comment/testing?

I think i should do a bit more testing before it goes publishing


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