[linux-dvb] Re: Unbranded USB DVB device afatech af9005

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Fri Dec 1 17:13:16 CET 2006

En/na Manu Abraham ha escrit:

>> Ok, now I have that document, and that page refers to firmware
>> downloading in MPEG TS mode, in usb mode the procedure is different
>> (however it is documented with source code).
> There is a nice picture of the USB mode on page 45

Well, I can already successfully download the firmware.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand lines of sample code 
is worth more than a picture ;-)

>> I made some sniffing and I can see that the firmware downloading is done
>> according to the example software, but in the capture file I see some
>> things that aren't documented.
>> Now comes the question:
>> 0)everything (commands, replies, ts data) is done with bulk transfers
>> 1)all commands are sent on endpoint 2
>> 2)to each command corresponds a reply that comes through endpoint 1 (but
>> usbsnoop identifies it as endpoint 0x81)
>> 3)what appears to be TS data comes through endpoint 4 (0x84 in usbsnoop)
>> The fact that commands and replies are on 2 different endpoints means
>> that I cannot use dvb_usb_generic_rw/dvb_usb_generic_write, yes, no, or
>> am I just being stupid?
> will take a look in there.

I already did: dvb_usb_generic_rw uses the same endpoint for writing and 
reading, so I just made my private functions that do the same but using 
endpoint 2 for writing and 1 for reading.


> from pages 29 - 32
> Endpoint 0 is the same as defined in USB 1.1 standard.
> Endpoint 1 is bulk-in.
> Endpoint 2 is bulk-out.
> Endpoint 3 is interrupt.
> Endpoint 4 is bulk-in.
> Endpoint 1 and 2 serve the control messages, while Endpoint 4 serves the
> video data packets. Endpoint 3 is reserved and currently not used.

And that happens to be true as well :-)
It was the endpoint reported by usbsnoop (0x81, 0x84) that confused me.
One more question: how do I guess the values for the mpeg data transfer 
(apart from the type USB_BULK and the endpoint 0x04)?
I have some captured data if it may help.


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