[linux-dvb] dst_attach and dst_ca_attach problem

Michel Verbraak michel at verbraak.org
Fri Dec 1 21:08:58 CET 2006

Uwe Bugla schreef:
> Hi everybody,
> the following is a necessary comment responding to a mail from end of November:
> I wrote:
> Should I have done so? Fact is I waste 38 kB of Ram with two completely
> enseless DST modules being compiled and loaded into RAM although I do not
> need them at all!
> Chritoph Pfister wrote:
> 1) with a 2.6.17+ kernel they aren't loaded (check modinfo dvb-bt8xx)
> so you can simply remove / not install those modules
> Sorry, Chris:
> With kernel 2.6.19 the partial destructive patch that I published several times now on this mailing list
> is the only chance to get rid of DST and DST_CA.
> If I simply delete them, dvb-bt8xx.ko simply does not load.
> I just asked everybody to offer a non destructive interims fix until the new backend is ready.
> Instead of this Manu Abraham nacks my docu patch - incredible!
> Al I was asking for is and was a solution that does not execute dst_attch and dst_ca_attach
> as default behaviour. It wwould just be very kind and pragmatic to offer an interims fix for that problem
> until the bttv-independent backend will be mature.
> Apart from that I get a 0 kB tarball if I try to download the new backend tree as tar.bz2.
> Can you check and fix this please?request_module
> Cheers
> Uwe
Could the "request_module" kernel function not be used for this as it is 
used in the IVTV modules?

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