[linux-dvb] Mantis + MB86A16 (VP-1034)

Michel Verbraak michel at verbraak.org
Sun Dec 3 15:52:53 CET 2006

Manu Abraham schreef:
> Michel Verbraak wrote:
>> Manu,
>> I have realligned my dish to Astra 28.2 degrees instead of the Astra
>> 19.2 degrees.
>> I grabbed the source from your site from yesterday and had to apply only
>> the following:
>> void mantis_dma_start(struct mantis_pci *mantis)
>> {
>>         dprintk(verbose, MANTIS_DEBUG, 1, "Mantis Start DMA engine");
>>         mantis_risc_program(mantis);
>>         mmwrite(cpu_to_le32(mantis->risc_dma), MANTIS_RISC_START);
>>         mmwrite( mmread( MANTIS_GPIF_ADDR ) | MANTIS_GPIF_RDWRN,
>> MANTIS_GPIF_ADDR); // new
>> //      mmwrite(MANTIS_GPIF_RDWRN, MANTIS_GPIF_ADDR); // old
>>         mmwrite(0, MANTIS_DMA_CTL);
>>         mantis->last_block = mantis->finished_block = 0;
>>         mmwrite(mmread(MANTIS_INT_MASK) | MANTIS_INT_RISCI,
>>         mmwrite(MANTIS_FIFO_EN | MANTIS_DCAP_EN
>>                                | MANTIS_RISC_EN, MANTIS_DMA_CTL);
>> }
>> Now I can do a Scan and get channels. Kaffeine and xine tune as wel as szap.
> This is fine, looks fine, sounds fine.
I'm using only this patch to your source so I do not have distortion of 
my picture.

> Regards,
> Manu

Did some more testing today with the following results:

1. My total cable between computer, rotor and lnb was to long. I could 
see that my rotor signalled power low a lot and it was unstable with my 
other dvb card. I pulled about 2,5 meters out of my ~30 meter long cable 
and I had a stable power signal again all the way up to my lnb with a 
rotor in between.
2. The mantis driver with "changeset 4491: 276006546e29 
and the above path, does support DiseqC 1.2 now. I can control my rotor 
without problems. So this is great news for me.
3. I have not tested this completely but I cannot get all the 
transponders on each satellite. I tested Astra 19.2 and 28.2 so far and 
not all the transponders can be tuned into. I will try to create a list 
of working and not working transponders and post the result to this 
list. Maybe my LNB is of because I have the same result within Windows. 
Hope this is not a problem of the card it self.


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