[linux-dvb] Re: HVR1300 dvb low signal problems

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 15:03:53 CET 2006

 > I can modprobe cx88-dvb and register the frontends - and they can be 
seen in
 > Mythtv - however when I go to view the cards I get very low signal 
 > and Mythtv will not lock on.

I've just installed the drivers for my 1300 and noticed the same kinda 
thing. I've got a Nova-T too and it's fine, but the HVR-1300 seems to 
have very low signal strength. When tzapping / dvbstreaming stuff I 
ended up with files mostly filled with green artifacts and very bad 
sound, if any. In Kaffeine it was slightly better (mainly because it 
would only let me watch about 5 channels at all, those being the ones 
with the best quality) and I could only get one channel to display with 
little corruption, though the radio channels worked fine. The Nova-T on 
the other hand managed to scan for and play virtually everything with 
very little corruption.

That said, it was particually windy last night so reception wasn't the 
best, but it was deffinately better with the Nova-T.


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