[linux-dvb] MT2060 IF1 calculation

Thomas Pinz - DC2RPT dc2rpt at gmx.de
Wed Dec 6 12:11:24 CET 2006


since there have been now several ideas spoken about the internals of the 
MT2060 i would like to clarify some things. 

- The MT2060 is a successor of the MT2050, MT2032... all of them are silicon 
- The First IF frequency of the MT2060 is a chip-dependend value which has to 
be calibrated in the production of the device.
- Some vendors do this and save this value in a eeprom. Others don't 
investigate the money for this, they are just using the default value, which 
should also give a certain performance, but then there is no guaranty. 

So there are two points of view, which should be differentiated. 

- For the end user, you get what you buy. If the FIF-information is missing on 
your device, your vendor had chosen the cheap variant and decided for you you 
have to use the default value with maybe a little bit worser performance. 
If there is a EEPROM on the board, ask the vendor how to read out the value, 
this are just some bytes. 

- A manufacturer of a DVB-device would of course get all of the information 
how to calibrate by the manufacturer of the ICs. And also, as Patrick said, 
there is also a reference driver and lots of more.  But then this mailing 
list is simply the wrong place to ask. 

Kind regards, 


ps: Since Chun or others of this chinese company never told us in his several 
questions on this list, what he is really trying, i can also imagine that the 
real reason could be a very deep look into the internals of ICs. 

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