[linux-dvb] Question regarding szap

Morgan Tørvolt morgan.torvolt at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 12:39:31 CET 2006


I have been fooling around with szap. Using the command :
szap -r "BBC World"
tuning is always successful. Using dvbscan -c afterwards shows that
the mux is correct. My problem is that the dvr0 device does not give
any output at all. After reading some e-mails on this mailing list, I
have found that others have had this problem also, but I have found no
solution to this.

I am situated in the middle east (Dubai) and have reception of NileSat
7W, with Showtime network. I do have a card that works (in a standard
tuner), and I have also an Irdeto2 cam. I have been unsuccessful in
decoding channels with my FF TT card, and my DST ca enabled card. I
read somewhere that the zap programs will set up the ca correctly, so
I thought I should do some "basic" testing just to make sure that
everything works OK. Without getting TS stream for dvr0, it is quite
difficult though.

I am most probably doing some retard mistake here. This is what I do
to make it not work =)

szap -r "BBC World"    // unscrambled by the way. Kept running in one console
cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0      // should give me some output to stdout

I get no output. Naturally I get the same result when adding " > test.ts".

Watching this BBC World channel using kaffeine works pretty darn well
(but onfortunately not the encrypted channels), so the hardware is
working properly, as well as the drivers. Its only the szap and zap
commands that messes things up.

Is there more to it than this?


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