[linux-dvb] PCTV 60e

Sébastien Bernard seb at frankengul.org
Thu Dec 7 22:16:56 CET 2006


I have a pctv 60e that I would like to use with my ubuntu distribution.

I asked on the irc channel and have been asked a few information I
wasn't able to give at the time of the writing.

Now I collected the pieces of informations needed.

The beast is composed of 3 chips :
	1 bridge CYPRESS FX2
	1 tuner (?) MT352
	1 MT2060

I made a scan of the card. They can be consulted at the link:


On the top image is the connector for the Antenna.
under it is the mt2060 and then is the MT352
Down is is the CYPRESS FX2 then the usb connector.

I think that all the driver for the different components are already
done. All pieces need to be put together.

I tried to capture some packets from USB on a win XP but I couldn't get
any trafic on it despite the usbsnoop correctly installed.

The drivers for windows are there :

I was trying to use it with mediaportal.

I would like some hints :
	1- to check why the usbsnoop didn't get any trafic on the XP
	2- some starting point (which driver is the closest from the card).

Thanks for any help.

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