[linux-dvb] What should be the scale of ber, unc, snr, str? [was: [PATCH] Enable the BER/UNC counting for the stv0297 frontend]

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Dec 11 16:05:07 CET 2006

En/na Yvan Gosset ha escrit:
> Hello Luca.
> Do you have a public repository of your work ?
> I am very interesting.

Not yet. I still have to finish some details and clean up a bit the code.

> I have analysed all b2c2 files linux driver,
> and the only thing that I have not:
> it's the detailed datasheet of the flexcop,
> and the datasheet of this demodulator : 
> what is the best init of this tuner: 
> details about AGC, equalizer, etc..

I just "piggy-backed" on this thread because I wanted to know the scale 
and unit of the various values, not because I wanted to comment on the 
b2c2 and the stv0297. I'm sorry if I misled you.
> For me, this web site is very good to see all archive of this mailing list:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-dvb@linuxtv.org/

I used gmane.org (it's easier to reply to threads that I don't have in 
my mailbox). Anyway, even at mail-archive.com there's no reply to the 
original question: what is the correct scale for ber (and unc, snr, str)?


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