[linux-dvb] [discussion] Frontend capable of reporting and supporting supported diseqc version

Michel Verbraak michel at verbraak.org
Mon Dec 11 22:31:34 CET 2006

I did a search through the different mailing list archives but could not 
find an answer to the following question:

Why is the frontend/card driver (dvb-s) not capable of telling which 
version of diseqc it can support?

In the dvb_frontend_info struct or the enum fe_caps nothing is specified 
about the diseqc version supported. Or should I look in some other file?

What I currently see is that the different application, 
vdr/kaffeine/mythtv, all can send diseqc commands but the user has to 
specify the hardware connected to the card. But would it not be handy if 
the driver at least could tell which version is supported by the card so 
the application can suggest to the end user which options are available?

I happy to try to spend some time to implement this for some of the 
drives or design it for the frontend model. I think it can be 
implemented with backwards compatibality so all the old stuff will keep 
on working.

A suggestion could be the following:
1. Add following values to enum fe_caps:
       FE_CAN_DISEQC_1_0 = 0x1000000
       FE_CAN_DISEQC_1_1 = 0x2000000
       FE_CAN_DISEQC_1_2 = 0x4000000
       FE_CAN_DISEQC_2_0 = 0x8000000

2. In the different frontends set the right diseqc capability.

Another suggestion would be to put the default diseqc capabilities like 
gotox, gotopos, storepos in the driver and out of the dvb-apps api part. 
I know this is tricky and I do not have enough experience with linux 
drivers. Or should there be a new diseqc module/driver in which the 
external hardware can be specified by options and the application can 
talk to this part to control the diseqc capable hardware like rotors and 

The reason why I ask this is because it will create a transparent way 
for applications to communicate to the diseqc capable hardware connected 
to the dvb-s card.

I do not know if this subject or discussion has been helt before but 
please tell me if I'm wrong or when it could be a good suggestion.



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