[linux-dvb] RFC / driver for Avermedia DVB-S Pro

Tino Reichardt list-linux-dvb at mcmilk.de
Mon Dec 11 23:08:00 CET 2006

* Andrew de Quincey <adq_dvb at lidskialf.net> wrote:
> > 3) Create an independant tuner module for it.
> >
> > There actually aren't any examples right now, but I am just about to create
> > one as part of the tda10086 card support (the tda8262 silicon tuner). I
> > should have a skeleton together in about an hour; I'll send you a link to
> > it.
> hi - the skeleton implementation is at 
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~quincy/v4l-dvb-tt-s-1401

Thanks for it ;)

> As its a zarlink chip, you might need to define dvb_tuner_ops.calc_regs() 
> instead of dvb_tuner_ops.set_params(). Have a look in dvb-pll.c for an 
> example of implementing them.

This seems not so good. But I am not the expert on it.

> Oh there is yet another way to do it if you feel a seperate module is over the 
> top: you could put the tuner implementation in a header file in the 
> frontends/ directory (e.g. zl10036.h). Card drivers then #include that if 
> they need it.

After months, I had last week some time to look again on the demod/tuner.

The ZL10313 demod is just a newer MT312, which is fully supported ;)

The tuner isn't so easy ... I think the i2c address behind the
demodulators secondary 2 wire bus is 0x60... but the datasheet says, it
should be 0xc0 / 0xc1 ?!

A first simple patch is located here:
http://www.mcmilk.de/projects/dvb-card/patches/ ... maybe someone can
look/help at the implementation of the zl10036_set_params() function.

There are also these three logfiles:
1. after initialization
2. after tuning
3. output of 'scan dvb-s/Astra-19.2E'

regards, TR
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