[linux-dvb] about kernel module a800.c

mr traggupi at libero.it
Tue Dec 12 09:10:38 CET 2006

i'm using avermedia usb 2.0 dvb-t (a800).
I can see the remote number buttons showing the right number on the console, 
so the output of the remote is the keyboard...
I've wander around trying to find a way to use the remote with kaffeine(so no 
lirc just keyboard).
After a little study on how the keyboard layout works in X and kde/gnome, i've 
seen no way from there cause some of the remote buttons are over 255 integer; 
and ascii is up to 255.

So i've tried to figure out how al the dvb stuff work, how the modules are 
interconnected, and how you forge the button/key value.

i've seen you associate each button a string, say KEY_POWER, and remembered 
these strings defined in input.h, i was so happy and tried to change in 
something like KEY_SPACE.

compiled and installed...but no changes in the output values...so i think i'm 
all wrong!

do you have any hint to point me in what and where i should change the code?
or if you have a better idea, program script or whatelse...everything is 

hope my english is clear enougth,
thank you in advance!



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