[linux-dvb] TT T-1500

Nick Fearnley (Digital Media Projects Ltd.) Nick at dmpip.tv
Tue Dec 12 10:58:36 CET 2006


The tuner is indeed a 1316 as on the link you sent me, thank you.  But
the frequency I require is either 626000000 or 727000000 so not in the
low band.  I think making the change will not help unless I am mistaken.
The other frequencies are correct I assume, or maybe not?


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Nick Fearnley (Digital Media Projects Ltd.) wrote:
> As discussed previously on this list I too have the tuning problem
> the TT T-1500 card.
> I have tried adding 166Mhz to the frequency, I have tried removing the

> jumper on the board for active antenna, I have tried inverting the 
> inversion!  No luck.  I can tune straight away on a Nova-T.  I am 
> certain the drivers are valid - I get valid firmware upload messages 
> from the kernel.
> Any ideas?

Hello Nick

There was a similar problem on the TT C-1200.
See this: 

Maybe it is the same on your card?

What tuner is used in your card?

Regards, Thomas


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