[linux-dvb] TT T-1500

raymond mantchala rmantchala at streamvision.fr
Tue Dec 12 18:13:24 CET 2006

Nick Fearnley (Digital Media Projects Ltd.) wrote:
> As discussed previously on this list I too have the tuning problem 
> with the TT T-1500 card.
> I have tried adding 166Mhz to the frequency, I have tried removing the 
> jumper on the board for active antenna, I have tried inverting the 
> inversion! No luck. I can tune straight away on a Nova-T. I am certain 
> the drivers are valid – I get valid firmware upload messages from the 
> kernel.
> Any ideas?
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Hello Nick,

We are using this card in our products. The mistake you are doing is to 
add 166 Mhz. You need to add 166 khz.
And if it doesn't work, try to invert the inversion.


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