[linux-dvb] DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Dec 12 20:53:20 CET 2006

Simon Roberts wrote:
> Hi all,
> As posted recently, I recently purchased a "DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual
> Digital 4", which is apparently just a renamed Dual Digital 2 with a new
> firmware.  I applied a quick patch (attached) to add the new usb id to the
> driver, and rebooted:


> Does anyone have the Dual Digital 2
> working properly in a similar situation?  I'm sure there's no real
> difference between the two.

On the contrary, the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 is *very* different from
the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 2.

The FusionHDTV Dual Digital 2 uses a Samsung tuner, Dnos104z, while the
FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 uses the Xceive xc3028 silicon tuner.

XC3028 is not supported in the v4l-dvb master branch at this time, nor
is it supported in any upstream kernel.

There *is* a driver for the xc3028 tuner in Markus' dev tree, however, the
author has chosen to implement this driver using the v4l2 tuner api only.
The xc3028 tuner driver does NOT support the DVB tuner api.  In its current
state, the xc3028 driver can only be used in a hybrid v4l / dvb device,
which uses the _call_i2c_clients method for controlling the tuner.

This method will never be used by dvb-core, for various reasons that I will
not get into at this time.  Because of this, the xc3028 tuner module as it
is now, cannot be used on a dvb-only driver.  However, I am working on a
workaround to this obstacle...  I've written a wrapper module to the v4l
tuner.ko module, that will allow a dvb-only driver to interact with the
tuner.ko module, via the v4l _i2c_call_clients method.  Of course, I would
prefer that the tuner module interact with the dvb subsystem as all other
modules do, but until then, this should suffice for the users out there
that just want their devices to work.

The tuner wrapper module is not yet complete, although it does work.  I still
have to work out some kinks in it.

The FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 uses a firmware very similar to the "bluebird"
firmware used by the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 2, and the other "Bluebird"
usb2 devices, but on the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4, the firmware seems
to be stored in an eeprom on the board... no firmware download required
for this one, and the firmware API commands are the same.  :-)

As you can tell from my description above, I am already working on adding
support for the FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4.  I have access to a machine in
Australia with this card, and I already have it working, except for the tuner
issue.  I haven't had any time in the past two weeks to work on it, but I
do have some time off from my day job coming up soon.

Once this device is working properly, I will make an announcement on the
mailing list with a link to a test repository.


Michael Krufky

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