[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Tuner calibration for some Nova-T devices

Alexis Muller Alexis.Muller at lifl.fr
Fri Dec 15 16:37:40 CET 2006

> treza at chez.com wrote:
> > Hi folks
> >
> > Here is a patch for Hauppage Nova-T-Stick and Nova-T-500 users.
> > It sets the MT2060 IF1 frequency according to the
> > calibration values stored in the EEPROM.
> >
> > It is supposed to enhance the signal quality, but, hey,
> > there is no guarantee.
> > Feedbacks would be much appreciated, to know whether it
> > deserves being applied.
> >


First, tanks to all linuxtv's developers :)
I have a Nova-T 500, I just try this patch.
I get a better signal, about 10 per cent. It is enough to get a good
quality for some channels (with more than 30 per cent), but not for

I can send any relevant information (kernel msg, debug output...) if it
can help.

PS : sorry, for not replying to the first thread message, I just
subscribe to the list, so I don't have it.

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