[linux-dvb] Channel 54 (SBS Illawarra) Lock Problems

Damien Phillip Morrissey dpm95 at uow.edu.au
Wed Dec 20 07:34:09 CET 2006

Dear All,
in order to prevent some going mad, I have found (as others may have found in other areas) that I need to add an offset (of 166667) to the frequency for tuning in order to get a lock on Digital Channel 54 in the Illawarra.

Without the offset the frequency is 711625000 Hz, but with the offset 711791667 Hz.  Without the offset the time to lock was very long (in the order of minutes)- if it did at all.  With the offset, it is fine.

I use a DVico Dual Digital 2 under Ubuntu Fiesty (same problem under edgy, though).  This service locks fine under Windows.


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