[linux-dvb] Unwatchable channels and strange behaviour of Hauppauge Nova-T Stick (update)

Stephen Rowles stephen at rowles.org.uk
Wed Dec 20 22:17:10 CET 2006

José Oliver Segura wrote:
>       Update: a simple experiment with this mux reveals (I think)
> that there's no problem with the signal strenght or mpeg stream, but
> with the driver. Experiment is simple: whenever this problem appears
> (can't tune "TVE 1" -> mplayer time out + femon shows missing "V" bit
> in status), I just need to "rmmod dvb_usb_dib0700" and "modprobe
> dvb_usb_dib0700" and then everything works again... (maybe I'm to
> simple, but I think this restricts the problem to a software problem)
I have exactly the same problem with some channels here in the UK. My 
stick works fine to watch TV using xine, but occasionally when I try to 
switch channels the whole display just sits there black. If I quit xine, 
remove and replug the usb stick (or use rmmod and modprobe), then re-run 
xine it all bursts into life.

No idea if this does mean its a software problem, but thought I'd let 
people know.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I'm happy to help with 
testing if needed.

Or should I just give up and buy a different card / install windows?

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