[linux-dvb] HVR3000, cx88_alsa, crackly audio

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Thu Dec 21 17:01:20 CET 2006

> Since you are back looking at the HVR code though :-))  I do have two
> other problems...
> 1) The TDA tuner on the HVR rarely gets detected, and I have to rmmod
> tuner && modprobe tuner a couple of times to get it to appear.  Until I've
> done this analog TV tuning doesn't work.

> 2) I've been trying to get DVB-S to work.  Basically, it seems to be
> working.  I've had a few problems getting it to tune into certain channels
> and get a lock, but I can usually get it to lock on eventually by turning
> on my satellite STB, tuning the channel on there and then turning it off
> again.
Odd also.
> Also, the picture quality on the HVR has a lot of artifacts in it (pretty
> much all of the time) whereas my STB displays the picture fine with no
> artifacts at all.  My sat-dish is connected to my STB, which has a
> loop-through connection which I have connected to the HVR card, so the
> signals should be the same quality (I assume).  The picture via the HVR is
> watchable most of the time, but the artifacts are pretty annoying (and
> usually seem to be across the middle of the screen rather than round the
> edges where it wouldn't matter as much!)
> If I can do anything to help testing wise, let me know as it would be nice
> to get the DVB-S working well then I can hopefully get it running in
> MythTv.

Drop me a private email with the list of modules you have loaded with 
analog tv and dvb-s is working. Maybe the ISL module is not being loaded 
(which is required for diseqc). However, let's try to keep the thread 
here public. It helps other people.

I tested the DVB-S stuff with an L-BAND modulator, meaning the 13/18v 
output (or perhaps lack of in this case) was irrelevant. It sounds like 
that could be an issue. I also have a small dish at home that I can test 

Certainly, I have _not_ seen noise on the DVB-S transport unless it's 
being introduced in the environment. I'll double check this also.

It's been a while since I modified the 3000 patches (and they were a 
little rough around the edges). Time for more fixes I think.


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