[linux-dvb] HVR3000, cx88_alsa, crackly audio

Robert Longbottom RobertCL at iname.com
Thu Dec 21 17:47:24 CET 2006

On Thu, December 21, 2006 4:01 pm, Steven Toth wrote:
>> Since you are back looking at the HVR code though :-))  I do have two
>> other problems...
>> 1) The TDA tuner on the HVR rarely gets detected, and I have to rmmod
>> tuner && modprobe tuner a couple of times to get it to appear.  Until
>> I've
>> done this analog TV tuning doesn't work.
> Odd.

Yes it is.  Cold boot, I don't think I've ever seen it detect it.  So I
created a script to run rmmod tuner && modprobe tuner twice at the end of
my init scripts.  This sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't.  Seems like
it needs some time to wake up or something!

>> 2) I've been trying to get DVB-S to work.  Basically, it seems to be
>> working.  I've had a few problems getting it to tune into certain
>> channels
>> and get a lock, but I can usually get it to lock on eventually by
>> turning
>> on my satellite STB, tuning the channel on there and then turning it off
>> again.
> Odd also.

Yes, I've not spent much time looking into this to find out exactly when
it happens.  When I was messing around the other night I thought it was to
do with switching from 'H' to 'V' polarisation (? is that the right term)
but then it seemed to manage ok.

>> Also, the picture quality on the HVR has a lot of artifacts in it
>> (pretty
>> much all of the time) whereas my STB displays the picture fine with no
>> artifacts at all.  My sat-dish is connected to my STB, which has a
>> loop-through connection which I have connected to the HVR card, so the
>> signals should be the same quality (I assume).  The picture via the HVR
>> is
>> watchable most of the time, but the artifacts are pretty annoying (and
>> usually seem to be across the middle of the screen rather than round the
>> edges where it wouldn't matter as much!)
>> If I can do anything to help testing wise, let me know as it would be
>> nice
>> to get the DVB-S working well then I can hopefully get it running in
>> MythTv.
> Thanks.
> Drop me a private email with the list of modules you have loaded with
> analog tv and dvb-s is working. Maybe the ISL module is not being loaded
> (which is required for diseqc). However, let's try to keep the thread
> here public. It helps other people.

Sent.  And yes, I agree about keeping discussion public.  I've not seen
either of your recent mails via the mailing list though (even though cc'd
the address) ?

> I tested the DVB-S stuff with an L-BAND modulator, meaning the 13/18v
> output (or perhaps lack of in this case) was irrelevant. It sounds like
> that could be an issue. I also have a small dish at home that I can test
> with.

Err. :-~  My general DVB-S knowledge is fairly poor!  I'm not overly
familiar with all the technical details of how it works.  (If anyone has
any good "intro to dvb-s links" I'd be interested)   I'm just trying to
learn as I've only recently put up a dish and bought a box and amazingly
it just worked :-)

For what it's worth, I've got a "universal lnb" and I'm based in the UK. 
My dish is pointing at Astra 28.2E (I can also get Eurobird channels on my
STB but I've not tried those via the PC yet)

> Certainly, I have _not_ seen noise on the DVB-S transport unless it's
> being introduced in the environment. I'll double check this also.

I'll have to have another go with the card in Windows and see if I have
the same problem with the signal - then at least I will know if it is
something to do with wiring or whether it is linux-related.  However I've
managed to screw up WinTV2000 somehow and I don't think it will start up
now :-@  So that might be a bit of a task as I will need to reinstall it.

I'll also try connecting the lead from the dish directly to the HVR card
rather than via the STB to see if that makes any difference, but I think
I've tried this before and it didn't help.

> It's been a while since I modified the 3000 patches (and they were a
> little rough around the edges). Time for more fixes I think.

Excellent :-)  I'll look forward to them.


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