[linux-dvb] dbv-t Conditional Access Module

Michael Pihlblad micpih at fc.tyreso.se
Sun Dec 24 01:40:55 CET 2006


I use Mythtv on slackware 11 and i have an Avermedia avertv 777 PCI DVB-T
HDTV single tv-tuner card and it works great.

The only thing is that i live in Sweden (Scandinavia) and i would like to
view pay channels also, so i started googling around and according to the
broadcasting network (Boxer) what i need is a via access CAM module.

The Avertv 777 don't have a connector or daughtercard for Common
Interface, i can't find any info on howto do this, nor can i find any
universal common interface PCI card.

I am thinking maybe it is possible to use a pcmcia to pci adapter card and
stick the CAM module in that?

I have googled around but i can't find any info on the subject so i
thought i would give this mailing list a try.

Do anyone out there know anything or have any suggestions?

I would realy apreciate some advice please.

// Best regards Michael

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