[linux-dvb] dbv-t Conditional Access Module

Nick Fearnley (Digital Media Projects Ltd.) Nick at dmpip.tv
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Hi Michael,

The CI capable DVB cards generally route the incoming TS through the CI connector to the CAM module and present it back to the PCI bridge in much the same route as an unencrypted stream.  You would need to be able to route the packets back out to the CAM for decoding if the hardware you speak of exists.  Now I'm not saying it does or doesn't, I'm not certain, but I do know that you would potentially need some driver/module to control this in software.  It would probably be much easier to go buy a DVB-T card with the CI module, they are very cheap.


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I use Mythtv on slackware 11 and i have an Avermedia avertv 777 PCI DVB-T
HDTV single tv-tuner card and it works great.

The only thing is that i live in Sweden (Scandinavia) and i would like to
view pay channels also, so i started googling around and according to the
broadcasting network (Boxer) what i need is a via access CAM module.

The Avertv 777 don't have a connector or daughtercard for Common
Interface, i can't find any info on howto do this, nor can i find any
universal common interface PCI card.

I am thinking maybe it is possible to use a pcmcia to pci adapter card and
stick the CAM module in that?

I have googled around but i can't find any info on the subject so i
thought i would give this mailing list a try.

Do anyone out there know anything or have any suggestions?

I would realy apreciate some advice please.

// Best regards Michael

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