[linux-dvb] Looking for TV card

Erik Thiele erikyyy at erikyyy.de
Tue Dec 26 11:46:15 CET 2006


am looking for a card:

- pci express 1x or pci express 16x

- DVB-C (cable) support (germany)

- s-video support (the small plug that looks like a ps/2 mouseport)
  if not possible, i can live without s-video

currently i am working with a hauppauge HVR 900 usb2. but that device
can only do DVB-T (terrestrial) but not DVB-C (cable). stupid me for
buying it. also it can do terrestrial standard television, but then i
don't have software to record and forward audio to my audio card. i can
only watch without audio.

what software can i use to watch analogue terrestrial tv with a video
device that does not have an own audio plug??? i.e. software has to
forward audio from hvr 900 to alsa device.

maybe there is a USB device for DVB-C then i do not need to buy pci
express card. hmmmm. maybe you have some suggestions

thanks for great software


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