[linux-dvb] How to get MSI Megasky 580 (gl861) to work?

Daniel video4linux at carlquist.net
Tue Dec 26 13:53:55 CET 2006

Hello Everyone,

For weeks I've been trying to get my gl861-based Megasky to work. With 
no luck at all unfortunately.
Right now I'm on a Ubuntu 6.10 (x86-server) and  I'm located in Sweden. 
I've tried both freshly compiled and kernels with the 
~mkrufky/megasky repository. For some reason  it won't compile because 
of a lacking config.h file in the newer kernels. Anyway that was 
"solved" using a dummy one.

It all seem good when looking in dmesg, modules get loaded and 
dvb-devices are created. However, when trying to scan for channels it 
doesn't seem to find anything, it says it can't lock.

Then I found a message from Antti Palosaari about a patch for the 
QT1010-tuner. I applied the patch to the megasky-directory and 
recompiled. Again it compiled and I installed the new modules and 
rebooted. This time dmesg revealed the foolowing:

[   23.465673] dvb-usb: found a 'MSI Mega Sky 55801 DVB-T USB2.0' in 
warm state.
[   23.465726] dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream to 
the software demuxer.
[   23.467174] DVB: registering new adapter (MSI Mega Sky 55801 DVB-T 
[   23.502392] DVB: registering frontend 0 (Zarlink ZL10353 DVB-T)...
[   23.546652] DVB: Unable to find symbol qt1010_attach()
[   23.546662] dvb-usb: MSI Mega Sky 55801 DVB-T USB2.0 successfully 
initialized and connected.
[   23.548527] usbcore: registered new driver dvb_usb_gl861

The line about qt1010_attach() didn't look so good and now kaffeine 
can't even find the device? Seems like a dead end here...

Could someone who got this device working help me, please. What kind of 
system are you running? Maybe a brief walk-through on how to set things 
up and compile etc? Please!


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